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Support the families

Besides helping the woman at the centre, the Tupendane African Foundation also provides help for families who live around the centre. On this page we introduce the families and link towards these families in need of help.



Names: Johny (54), David (20), Elizabeth (16), Frank (14)


Date of visit: 6/5/2023

Background: The family lived with their mother until the father suffered an injury and the mother

left them (3 years ago). The father doesn’t have a permanent job, older brother works

with father and the younger kids go to secondary school.

Health Issues: Johny was involved in an accident that badly damaged his knee 6 years ago, he is in 

constant pain and is unable to afford surgery to get it straightened.

Living Conditions: The family share one room between the four of them and have lived this way for 6

years, they are in need of water buckets for daily use, they struggle with food and when possible 

have 1 meal per day. Some days they can’t afford transport to school for the kids.

Work: Dad and older brother sell what they can find around the town (example: oil or candy).

Plan: They would like to have capital to set up a shop where they could sell supplies such as rice and

beans to be able to support the family.

Would you like to change a life?

 Surgery cost:

1.500.000 shillings (~650 USD)

 Monthly expenses:

o Rent: 50.000 shillings (~20 USD)

o Water bucket: 100 shillings (~0.05 USD)

o Transport to school: 60.000 shillings (~30 USD) – 2 kids

o Meals: 360.000 schillings (~160 USD) – 4 people


 Capital for shop:

o Yearly rent: 600.000 shillings (~260 USD)

o Supplies (rice/beans): 1.000.000 shillings (~240 USD)



Names: Patricia (61)

Date of visit: 6/5/2023
Background: She lives alone but has 6 grown children that live far from Arusha. His husband
abandoned her and the family when the children were little.
Health Issues: She has stomach ulcers and chest pains. She has been to a doctor and was diagnosed with

Tuberculosis in 2021, she was in the hospital for 6 months and medication was free however since

being discharged she cannot afford it. She is unable to drink cold water because of the pain so is in

need of heating appliances.
Living Conditions: She lives in a room, drinks water frequently but struggles with food, usually gets 1
meal a day. She can’t eat beans because of the ulcers so usually eats porridge and vegetables which

means she lacks nutrition.
Work: She makes corn beer and sells it next to her room. Makes 10.000 to 20.000 shillings (~4-9
USD) per batch which she usually sells in 1 week.
Plan: She would like to have capital to make more beer to cover her daily expenses.

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Rent: 25.000 shillings (~10 USD)
o Water bucket: 100 shillings (~0.05 USD)
o Meals: 90.000 shillings (~40 USD)

 Capital to make beer:
o Supplies (maze) for 1 week: 60.000 shillings (~30 USD)


Names: Rosy (25), Karen (8), Jordan (5)

Date of visit: 6/5/2023
Background: Single mother.
Health Issues: Karen has chest pain but can’t afford to go to the hospital.
Living Conditions: They live in a room and are eating just 1 meal every day. They struggle with
school fees and rent, right now kids are not going to school.
Work: Mother is selling vegetables on the street because she doesn’t have a permanent place.
Makes 3.000 to 10.000 shillings every day.
Plan: She wants to learn skills to be a tailor, but for now needs capital to buy more vegetables.

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Rent: 40.000 shillings (~17 USD)
o Water: 5.000 shillings (~2 USD)
o Electricity: 8.000 shillings (~4 USD)
o Meals: 90.000 shillings (~40 USD)

 Yearly required school fees:
o Meals: 100.000 shillings (~45 USD) – 1 kid
o Uniform: 100.000 shillings (~45 USD) - Pullover, skirt, shoes, shirt, track suit for 1 kid
o Tuition: 240.000 shillings (~105 USD) – 1 kid

 Hospital visit:
o File set up: 20.000 shillings (~9 USD)
o Doctor visit: 10.000 shillings (~4 USD)
o Test: 15.000 shillings (~7 USD)

 Capital for vegetables:
o Supplies (vegetables) for 1 week: 15.000 shillings (~7 USD)


Names: Rehama (38), Nasray (14), Shabani (18)

Date of visit: 6/5/2023
Background: Single mother. The father left them.
Health Issues: Rahema had a stroke 3 years ago, it affected mobility in her left side of the body, she has

difficulty walking and struggles with mental health due to her daily struggles. Children are healthy.
Living Conditions: She lives in a room and the children are living with their grandmother. She needs
to pay rent for 2 months or will get evoked. She doesn’t have food and usually eats once or twice a
Work: She was selling corn on burner in the streets but she can’t now because she has no capital, this has 

resulted in asking relatives for help but this is not a sustainable option.
Plan: She needs capital to buy corn.

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Rent: 30.000 shillings (~13 USD)
o Water: 5.000 shillings (~2 USD)
o Electricity: 8.000 shillings (~4 USD)
o Meals: 90.000 shillings (~40 USD)

 Capital for vegetables:
o Supplies (corn) for 1 week: 15.000 shillings (~7 USD)

Muranaitamisi Rashdi

Names: Muranaitamisi Rashdi (34), Mahamoedo (17), Conso (10), Sabo (7), Mitano (5)

Date of visit: 6/7/2023
Background: The father left the family. The kids used to regularly attend school but currently are

not as it is not affordable. Food is also a problem as they have only one meal a day.

Health Issues: One of the kids has constant chest pain but hasn't been to the hospital for a check up 

as the mother is unable to afford the appointment.
Living Conditions: She has been living in the place for 1 month .
Work: She is unemployed currently, she washes clothes and cleans on the side but is not profitable.
Plan: She wants to start a business and needs capitol to sell charcoal. 

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Rent: 40.000 shillings (~16,90 USD)
o Water: 10.000 shillings (~4,22 USD)
o Electricity: 5.000 shillings (~2,11 USD)


 Yearly required school fees:

o10.000 shillings (~4,22USD ) per month - 1 kid

oUniforms : 100.000 shillings per child (~42,24 USD) - Pullover, skirt, shoes, shirt, track suit for 1 kid

 Capital for business:
200.000 shillings (~84,48 USD)

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Magrit Klaman

Names: Magrit Klaman (34), Christian (17), Naomi (10), and Nansh (5).

Date of visit: 6/7/2023
Background: The husband\father left the family.

Health Issues: Nansh is constantly fainting for long hours and wakes up with strong fevers.

Magrit is always taking her to the hospital but the doctors are always saying there is nothing wrong.

Due to this issue, Nansh sometimes has to miss school.
Living Conditions: She has been living in the place for almost 5 years. The family has 1 meal per day.

The children attend school but they need uniforms.
Work: Margrit has a shop where she sells vegetables 

Rent per month : 20.000 shillings (~8,45USD)

Profit: 3.000- 5.000 shillings (~ USD)

o She uses the profit money for food to feed the family.
Plan: She wants to expand her vegetable shop to earn more money.

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Rent: 20.000 shillings (~8,45USD)
o Water: 10.000 shillings (~4,22 USD)
o Electricity: 7.000 shillings (~2,96 USD)

 Yearly required school fees:

o School bag: 20.000 shillings (~8,45USD )  - 1 kid

o Uniforms : 100.000 shillings per child (~42,24 USD) - Pullover, skirt, shoes, shirt, track suit for 1 kid

School per month per child:10.000 shillings (~4,22 USD)


Hospital : 15.000 shillings (~ 6,34USD)

 Capital for business:

o Supplies (vegetables) for 1 week: 15.000 shillings (~7 USD)

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Talita Thomas

Names: Talita Thomas (60), Katherine (32), Happiness (25), and Emmanuel (20) 

Date of visit: 8/7/2023
Background: Lives with her three grandchildren - Joanne (5), Esther (14), and Naiomi (8). 

Grandchildren live with her because their mothers have to work. All three grandchildren

usually attend school but are unable to afford it at the moment. Husband of 41 years

killed by thief (May 12, 2023) who also stole all their belongings. Everyone shares 1 meal a

day. Talita had been dependent on her husband for income since they wed, the family has 

had zero income since he passed.

Health Issues: ?
Living Conditions:  ?
Work: None

Plan:  She would like to start a small business (salon)

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o  Rent: 50,000 TZS/month  

  o  Electricity: 5,000 TZS/month    

o Water: 5,000 TZS/month

 Yearly required school fees:

 o  Uniform x 3 (300,000 TZS)   

o  Need money for transport     

o  Schools do not provide lunch, need money to buy it (1,000 TZS/day Esther, 10,000 TZS/month other two)


Hospital : 15.000 shillings (~ 6,34USD)

 Capital for business:

o 500,000 TZ

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Grace Hasan

Names:  Grace Hasan (50),  Esther (30), Elizabeth (25), Emiliana (21), and Joyce (19)

Date of visit: 8/7/2023
Background: Youngest two daughters live with her. She also lives with her two young

grandsons (11, 9).

She separaterd from her husband 10 years ago, as he struggled with addiction and

mental health problems and was extremely abusive. If they can afford it, all five share one meal a 

Health Issues: Joyce (19) has swelling and lumps on her breasts, but the family is unable to 

additional testing (cost TBC), and Grace (60) has back pain and swollen/painful eyes and is also

unable to afford testing and further medical care (cost TBC). 
Living Conditions: All five share a mattress.
Work: She sells vegetables from the back of her home and has been running her business since she finished school at 18 .

Makes about 4-5,000 TZS/week in profit from her business, but all that money is spent on buying more vegetables to sell.
Plan: She wants to expand her vegetable shop to earn more money.

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Water: 5,000 TZS/month 
o Rent: 50,000 TZS/month    

oNo electricity in her home 

oFood: 3,000 TZS/day per person

 Yearly required school fees:

o School bag: 20.000 shillings (~8,45USD )  - 1 kid

o Uniforms : 100.000 shillings per child (~42,24 USD) - Pullover, skirt, shoes, shirt, track suit for 1 kid

School per month per child:10.000 shillings (~4,22 USD)

 Capital for business:

o500,000 TZS in capital to expand her business (wants to sell rice, beans, and more vegetables 

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Names: Marycelina (33), Glory (12), Jacqueline (9), and Grace (6)

Date of visit: 8/7/2023
Background: Marycelina went to school until she was 13, she got 

married at 20 which meant she was unable to continue education.

Husband left family 7 years ago when Marycelina was

pregnant with Grace. All three kids go to school but are unable to

afford uniform or transportation. They share 1 meal a day in the

evening .

Health Issues: Marycelina gets chest pain when it’s cold, needs

to go to doctor for diagnosis and treatment (cost TBD) 
Living Conditions:?
Work: Marycelina currently sells chapati and beans on the street

for income, making 3-4,000 TZS/week in profit.
Plan: Marycelina is selling chapalli and beans because she has no

other alternative but she really wants to become a tailor.

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:
o Rent: 20.000 shillings (~8,45USD)
o Water: 5.000 shillings (~ USD)
o Electricity:10,000 TZS/month(   USD)

oGas: 21,000 TZS/month

o Food is 3,000 TZS/day per person

 Yearly required school fees:

o School bag: 20.000 shillings (~8,45USD )  - 1 kid

o Uniforms : 100.000 shillings per child (~42,24 USD) - Pullover, skirt, shoes, shirt, track suit for 1 kid

oSchool per month per child:10.000 shillings (~4,22 USD)

o Transport: TBD

o 10,000 TZS/month per kid for food at school (30,000 TZS/month total)

Hospital : 15.000 shillings (~ 6,34USD)

 Capital for business:

o  Needs 400,000 TZS to get started

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Agnes Joshua

Names: Agnes (38), Nick (20), Flora (13) and Jaxon (9)

Date of visit: 13-03-2023

Background: They lived together with the ex-husband of Agnes but he was

abusing her so when her children were young she left him. She now lives at her parents

house.Agnes has 3 children: Nick, Flora & Jaxon.
Nick is not going to school at the moment since he is helping his grandfather

(Agnes dad) as he is getting older and needs help getting around.
Flora is going to the government school but there is no money for her transport,

lunch or school uniform.

Jaxon is also not going to school.
Health Issues: The family experiences no health problems, but the house they live in

is not the best and can cause problems in the long term. Because of Agnes past she is

experiencing and showing signs of depression and PTSD. She is open to get help for this if 

Living conditions: Because there is almost no income they are only able to get 1 meal a day, 

sometimes this is not even possible. The family lives together in a very tiny house and

Agnes her parents live in another house next to it.
Living expenses:
● Rent: She is not paying rent because the house is owned by her parents. But her
parents also have other children and they also want the house she lives in. This
results in a lot of fighting in the family.
● Electricity: At the moment she can't afford electricity because she has no money.
Normally the electricity costs 10.000 shillings a month ($4,19).
● Water: 4.000 shillings a month ($1,68 a month).
Agnes sells potatoes and avocados on the street but she no longer has capital so currently she is receiving no income.
Normally the capital at the market is 3.000 shillings and then the profit is 1.000 shillings.
Agnes has no school background because she got married at a young age and also had
children young.

Since she has no school background she would like to learn any skills that can help her
improve her life. She especially want to learn skills that help her business grow, so she can
provide for her family.

What would you like to change?
● She would like to start her own shop but for this to happen she needs 400.000
shillings ($167,71).
○ These cost are for the rent, a table and capital.
● Because of the fighting in the family she would also like another place for her family
to live in.
● Because she had almost no money she would like help with her food & capital so that
she can give her family food and also provide for them.

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Edina Manase

Name: Edina Manase (50) 

Date of visit : 13/06/2023

Background: She has 2 sons. Derek (14) en Olas (18). Derek and Olas

both go to school. Derek goes to government school and Olas graduated

in business school but can’t continue further education due to financial difficulty. Derek

has no lunch at school, it costs 1000 shillings (~0,42 USD) a day. Transport costs also 1000

shillings (~0,42 USD) a day. He needs extra classes in the evenings and on Saturdays, but

it costs 40.000 shillings (~16 USD). Edina’s husband passed away in 2020 due to covid so 

income is scarce.

Health issues: Derek and Olas have optic issues, they need to visit the hospital to receive

glasses but are unable to afford it. Edina herself is healthy.

Living conditions: Edina has been living in Arusha for over 20 years. 

Rent: 40.000 shillings a month (~16 USD), 

Electricity: 10.000 shillings a month (~4 USD)

Water: 10.000 shillings a month (~4 USD) 

Work: Edina sells vegetables and her own table naar her house. Her capital is

20.000 shillings (~8 USD) a month. Her capital in a month is Arouca 5000-6000 shillings

(~2 USD - 2,50 USD).


  • She wants to learn how to make soap

  • She wants to learn skills for business 

  • She’s willing to come twice a week to the centre to learn

  • She wants to sell more vegetables and expand her business with charcoal and bananas.


What does she need?

  • Capital for her business (30.000 shillings, ~12,60 USD).

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Sara Daodi

Name: Sara Daodi (48) & 4 children: Jackson (20), Joyce (16), Namea (15) and Evance (13).

Date of visit: 14\06\2023

Background: The youngest two, Namea and Evance attend Government school which is free

but Sara is unable to afford food for them both. Joyce finished lower school and hopes to 

attend high school but Sara is unable to afford it, as she ages each year there is less 

likelihood of her attending, especially if she gets married. They are waiting for Government 

money but the waiting period is unknown. Jackson does not have a stable job, sometimes he 

if offered work but this is scarce and infrequent. Sara herself only completed primary school

so her education and skills are limited.

Work: Sara is unable to work as she has no capital. Sometimes she cleans clothes or dishes 

for money but this is not sustainable income to provide for her family. Previously she had a 

business selling vegetables but she had to close it down for financial difficulties. 

Health issues:
Evance was 1 year and 3 months and he was in a fire accident, he suffered burns over his

face/head which has led to him gaining neurological issues such as forgetting things. Sara 

had also been in the hospital for 2 months with Evance but the doctor was unable to provide

an explanation.

Living situation: The family share one meal a day.


100.000 shillings

House expenses:

Rent: 200.000
No Electricity
Water: 100.000
School food:

Namea (20.000 shillings) and for Evance it costs 10.000 shillings.

What does she need?
300.000 shillings to start her business


Names: Veronika (55 ) , Everest (58 ),Pastori(31),Nowella (28),Innocent(19)


Date of visit: 14\06\2023

Background: Pastori has finisched the university, but still don’t have a job. Nowella is

married and has no job. Innasant has finisched the primary school. The family can’t

afford the high school, so he isn’t going to school anymore. Only Innasant still lives

with his mom and dad. Veronika finished primary school. 

Health Issues: Veronika had pain at her chest during the day. Everest has tuberculoises

Living conditions:   they have one meal a day. They also have a garden in the front of

there house, there are vegetables growing.

Veronika and Everest have 3 kids together.

Rent is 20.000

Elektricity is 7.000

Water is 7.000

Gas is 21.000

Work: Everest the father sell shoes on the street.  Veronika sell soap on the street,

but becouse of her health she can’t do this everyday and don’t have the capital for that. 

 What does she need ?

They need money for there youngest son so he can go to school. They don’t know how

much they need for that becouse they never asked for the forms. They can use 500.000 for

capital. 300.000 is for selling shoes and 200.000 is for making the soap. And they couldn’t

pay the rent for the last 2 months, so that’s 40.000 in total. 

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Names: Miriam(35)

Date of visit :6/6/23

Background – Family: Noel (8), Jacob (6 months.) Single mother,

father left the family. Noel is at a Government school, but cannot

afford lunch/uniforms/stationery. Lunch is 10,000/month, stationary

cost depends on material 1m- 6,000

Work: cooking maize on the street, 2,000 profit from this but depends

on the day.

Health Issues: Noel has a genital health problem, went to doctors, and

said he needed surgery but they cannot afford it. Affects his leg movements

and is painful. 400,000 for surgery 


20,000/month for rent, cannot afford and is three months behind. If she

cannot pay she has to leave.

5,000 for electricity

 5,000 for water

Gas for cooker is 21,000 

Food: one meal a day


Rosie asked her to help do training at Tupendane but she has to look after Jacob. Interested in tailoring when child is older. 


What does she need?

Support to pay rent, current place isn’t safe (house doesn’t keep out the rain). Capital to continue selling maize (has to buy charcoal etc.) 


School lunches and money for uniform and notepads/supplies.

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Niamh Joseph

Name: Niamh Joseph( 43)

Date of visit: 28/11/23

Background :

Geoffrey (23 years old) - living with his friends, has no job

Emiliana (20 years old) - is a housekeeper and lives there

Emmanuel (17 years old) - is living at home, stopped going to school

Kevin (12 years old)

David (9 years old)

Janet (2 years old)

Niamh is living with the four younger children. 

Living Situation: Currently Niamh is living with the 4 youngest children in a small room, which is built out of dirt. They don't have a real bed and just one mattress in a really bad condition. Niamh has her own fruit and vegetable stand, but she is only able to sell products of low quality.

The father of the kids sometimes comes by occasionally and tries to harm the children, so it is vital for them to move, so he doesn’t know their location anymore. He also tried to kill Emmanuel, when he was still living with the family, but the other people in the neighborhood stopped him.


They are living with 5 people in a small room, which costs 30.000 TZS per month, including 5.000 TZS for electricity. They can only afford one meal a day at the most.


He is 17 years old and one of Niamhs children. Due to the abusive behavior of the father and the attempted murder, he had to stop going to school because of the mental stress, as well as bullying. Emmanuel is scared of his dad, understandably, he shows up unpredictably and two months ago he tried to pour boiling water on him and his youngest sister. Emmanuel is afraid that his dad could find him and harm him. He would love to go back to school, especially if it was possible for him to go to a boarding school.


  • Family:

- finding a new place

- safer environment 

- capital to upgrade the business

- education in business and English

  • Emmanuel:

- going back to school (boarding school)

What they need:


- a lock for the door as a temporary solution

- a new place to live, so the father can’t harm anyone

- counselling (for the mother)

- food packages


- 1.000.000 TZS to attend boarding school

- stationary

- uniform for school

- counselling as well


Name: Jovita( 44)

Date of visit : 6\6\2023

Background: 4 children, widowed since 2019. 

Children - Annita (27), Shadrack (24), Gideon (14), Anes (11). Annita is

married so she doesn't live with the rest of the family, Shadrack is a

security guard and also doesn't live at home, Gideon attends secondary school

and Anes attends primary school. Gideon and Anes have no food at school and

the school costs 10000 TZS a month , the transport is 1000 TZS a day. They both

need school supplies .

Health Issues: Gideon got burned very badly in may , but he got treated and went to the hospital but still has some problems such as memory loss.

Living Conditions: One meal a day.


No rent, her father takes care of it 

- Water: 6 buckets of water a day - they use it to wash clothes too \ 100 TZS for 1 bucket

- 2 rooms in the house

- Eletricity: 5000 TZS

- Uses charcoal to cook 

Work: Cooks and sell mandaze ( capital 10,000 TZS - Profits= 2000 TZS)

Plan:She wants to keep with her business and also wants to learn how to cook different things to expand her business.

What does she need?

Money for cost of living, transportation and meals

Capital for her business, including rent and material (300000 TZS for oil, flour, banana, mandazi)

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Rutti David

Names: Rutti David (35)

Date of visit:6/6/23

Background:Family: 6 children- Meshack 17 (secondary) Risick (14),

twins- Dorin and Dorcas 9, Faraja 7, Neema 1.5. Cannot afford lunches

10,000/person. No uniforms. Sometimes sent home because of this.

Husband beat her when she was 3 months pregnant. He left other times

before but can back due to her sickness. 

Health Issues: when father left she developed mental problems: migranes and

forgetful. Doctor helped and she felt better. Physical- hernia and coughing.

Admitted to hospital and needed surgery but cannot afford. Given something for

cough but still the same. 

Living conditions: She asks neighbours for food, but is not everyday she gets it.

Rent: 45,000 inclding electricity and water.

For past 3 years an organization helped her (health insurance- Twigga vision) 

Work: After giving birth (c-section) she developed her health problems and she cannot work. Twigga gives capital


What does she need?

Medication, operation-1.5 million for surgery, food for kids,  capital for selling bites and to cook mandazi

Anna Shirima

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-15 at 1.04.37 PM.jpeg

Name: Anna Shirima (35)

Date of visit : 16-06-2023

Background: Anna completed primary school but did not got further education. The husband left. She has two children, Gabriella 3 years old and attends the tupenande africa foundation day care. Laure is 14 years old and is in secondary school but she needs capital to pay for tutiton and scholl materials.

Health Issues: None

Work : She has a vegetable shop that profits in total around 3- 5000TZS

Living Conditions: They have been living the the house for 2 years now, and have 1 meal per day mostly ugali. 

Rent 30000 TZS

Electricity 80000 TZS

Water 40000 TZS

Gas 22000TZS


What does she need?

She wants to build a bigger business , so she needs a capital of 300000tzs.

She needs money for transportation to get the vegetables supplies and for kids school . She also needs help with her kid tuition (15000TZS),and uniform and money for school lunch 

Selena Howe

Name : Selena (31)

Date of visit :19\06\2023

Background: Selina only attended primary school.She has two children God bless (9 years old)

and Neriah (1 year).They are 3 people living in one room for almost a year.The place is also

not safe because robberies sometimes happens. The husband left. They get 1 meal per day in

the evenings. They have been struggling a lot lately, so sometimes she asks her friends to take

care of her oldest son since she can’t feed them. Selina has a sister who is also struggeling and

would need support as well.

Work: No job (Occasionaly she washes clothes , but the income is still little)

Health Issues: None

Living Conditions:

School: God bless is in goverment school , but has no money for transport , so he mostly walk to school which is very far from their house.He owns a uniform but doesn’t have shoes.They need to pay 10000 TZS per month at school for lunch so since she can’t afford it , he doesn’t get lunch at school.

The tuition is 15000 TZS so at the moment God bless is not attending school.

Plan : She wishes to learn skills

What doe she need?

Money for food and education for God bless( 16000 TZS)

Capital for food so they can eat more than once a day , or even eat better even if it is once a day.

Help to pay the rent and getiing gas to cook. and catch up with the late payments.

She also would like capital to start a business selling beer ( 500000TZS to start) - she made a research that showed that beer is a lot of profit 

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Fabriana George

Name: Fabriana George(45)

Date of visit: 19\06\2023

Background: The husband left. 1 meal per day. Fabriana did not finish primary school.

She has 4 children .Thomas (7 years old), Esthev (10 years old), Joseph (14 years old) and

Janet ( 18 years old). Four of them living in one bed for 2 years.

Living Conditions:

School -Thomas  and Esthev goes to goverment school. Joseph is in primary school and

Janet is staying with aunt , she did do well in form 4 and was meant to go to high school

but can’t afford it .

They all walk to school , they also need uniforms , food and stationary.

Rent: 40000 per month 

Eletricity 5000 per month 

Water: 7000 per month 

Work: Sells mandazi at the market in which she gets 5000 TZS profits per week and it

all goes to their needs , so it ends up not being enough.

Health Issues:All children and mother are having chest problems -breathing problems

( needs medicine but can’t always afford it or to go to the hospital).

What she needs: 

60000 TZS for one hospital visit 



School lunch

Capital for business and daily food

Cooking oil, tea etc to support market business ( 400000TZS)

Freeze to conserve food 

Money for montly expenses rent , gas, eletricity,water

Micah Gideon Mdundu

Names: Micah Gideon Mdundu

Date of visit: 05/07/2023
Background: his wife died so he is now a single father in charge of 5 kids. they all go

to school: the older is 18 and goes to college, and the younger is 6 and goes to primary school.

Health Issues: The younger child has asthma

Living Conditions: Not really good. He has troubles financially and has difficulties providing basic

needs for his children.
Work: He is a security guard.

Profit: 100 000 shillings (~41,27USD)

Plan: He wants to start a business (a bakery)

Would you like to change a life?

 Monthly expenses:?
o Rent: 45 000 shillings (~18,57USD)
o Water: 5 000 shillings (~2,06USD)
o Electricity: 5 000 shillings (~2,06USD)

 Yearly required school fees: 300 000 per child (~123,81)

Hospital fee: 50 000 shillings (~20,64USD)

 Capital for business: 1 500 000 shillings (~619,07USD)





Wilson Loshiu

Name: Wilson Loshiu(25), Marraca(22),Zacoi(13),and Loveness (11)

Date of visit: ?

Background: Wilson lives with his stepmum and sisters . His sisters are currently in school .

Living Conditions: They own a house so they do not need to pay rent , however they have one meal a day.

Work: Marraca works at the farm, and makes a profit of 100 000 shillings ( ~41.20USD)

Health Issues: Zacoi has hearing problems.

Plan:He wants to learn English and become a tailor

What he needs?

Capital for his business and his stepmom avocado business.

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