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Support us by donating

Tupendane Africa foundation receives no aid from the government. That is the reason we ask for donations so that the project can continue to exist. 

The government gives us nothing, but does expect us to meet certain requirements as a project. For instance, we have to change the ' kitchen' of today into a real kitchen and we will have to buy several toilets. 

From the donations we receive, we can make changes to the project. Like improving the facilities, but also offering multiple workshops to the women and improving the classes. 

Curious about what happens with your donation? Keep an eye on our website, Facebook or Instagram page for updates! 

If you have any questions about the project before you want to send a donation, don' t hesitate to contact us. 

       - Donate directly on the bank below or use the online option_

Tupendane Africa Foundation


Tupendane Africa Foundation

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Phone number

+255 752 859 424

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