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Women at the Foundation

The Tupendane African Foundation also seeks to support the women using the facility to become independent and provide for their families. On this page, we introduce them and their needs. If you are able to, we would appreciate the donation.

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Name: Regina Ghati

Age: 28

Adress: Mianzini

Background: Regina is married and lives with her husband. She has 2 kids, Miaka (7) and Niak (5). Miaka is in government school and has a uniform, but cannot afford food at school. Niak is at home and doesn’t go to school. 

Living situation: It depends on the day, but usually provides two meals a day. When she has no food, she borrows money from someone and pays it back when she can.

Work: Regina herself has no job but her husband works as an English teacher. His income is not consistent though.

Health issues: No health issues for anyone.

Personal goals: Regina wants to have her own business to sell women’s clothes.

What she needs: 

  • Money for rent. 80.000 TZS per month ($33.21).

  • Food for child at school.

  • Capital to start business.

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Name: Catherine Hgowi

Age: 44

Address: Mianzini

Background: She lives with husband and 6 children, Severuba (26), John (23), Richard (18), Witness (13), Jonas (8), Winner (2). Severuba is married. Winner is at the daycare of Tupendane. John is in university; it costs 1.600.000 TZS a year ($664.18). This year is already paid, but there is no money for year 2 and 3. Richard is at home due to no more money for school fees. He has no job. Witness is at government school, but they can’t afford food or a uniform. Jonas is also in government school, in year 3, and is in the same situation as Witness.

Living situation: They have only one meal a day (dinner) for everyone. Catherine has no support network to ask for food. Her rent is 90.000 shillings ($37.36) a month, with an added 20.000 TZS ($8.30) for water and electricity.

Work: Catherine sells fish which she earns 1000 TZS ($0.42) a day from, but this is inconsistent.

Health issues: No health issues for anyone.

Personal goals: 

  • To be a shop owner.

  • To improve her tailoring.

What she needs:

  • Money for her children’s education.

  • Money to have her own house.

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Name: Lucy Aloyce

Age: 30

Address: 12 Borel

Background: Lucy is a single mom and has 2 kids. Angel Patric (9) and Precious Patrik (6) and they’re both in school. They have no money for uniforms (10.000 TZS ($4.15) for 1 shirt, skirt and sweater). 

Living situation: The little brother helps out. Neighbours are supporting for food and also members of the church. Her rent costs 80.000 TZS ($33.21) per month with an added 11.000 TZS ($4.57) per month for water and electricity. She is currently only able to provide one meal a day for herself and her family.

Health issues:  Lucy had a car accident while pregnant which resulted in her losing her arm, because of this her husband left. Lucy needs surgery for her arm and for a back tumor. This costs 3.000.000 TZS ($1245.33).

Personal goals: 

  • Wants to open a shop for second-hand clothes.

  • Wants to learn tailoring to fix clothes.

What she needs:

  • Capital for shop.

  • Money for children's uniforms and rent.

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Name: Shija Samwel

Age: 28 

Address: Sakina

Background: She lives with sister (Catherine Mpeka, 34). Catherine is a cleaner at school and she only started this month so income is low.

Work: Shija is a hairdresser from home and she earns 1.000 – 5.000 TZS ($0.42- $2.08) a month. 

Living situation: Shija can’t afford the rent; the rent is 30.000 TZS ($12.45) a month. She used to have her own house but now lives with her sister. She eats two meals a day, and a friend lends her food.

Health issues: Shija has tooth pain and went to the doctor for it. She got medicine that cost her 30.000 TZS ($12.45). She also has a stomach ulcer; she’s been dealing with this for a year and hasn’t been to a doctor. 

Personal goals: 

  • She wants to become a hairdresser.

What she needs:

  • 1.000.000 TZS ($415.11) for capital for business.

  • She will need a computer for her small business.

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Name: Winledy Clemenc

Age: 36

Address: Mianzini

Background:  She is a single mother of three children. Her oldest son, Joshua, is 18 years old and in college to become a pharmacist. Her second child is Jovin, an eight-year-old boy, that currently attends primary school and her youngest son, Dailan is only two years old and therefore not yet in school. When Winledy is at Tupendane, her mother takes care of him. The husband has never supported the family financially and is an alcoholic, which lead to their separation in the beginning of 2021.

Living situation: They all only eat one meal a day and live in one room with five people so Winledy herself, her kids and her older sister, that has been paralyzed since she was seven. They own the room but have to pay elctricity and water.

Work: She sells chicken meat in the afternoons.

Health issues: She does not have any health issues but her oldest son has asthma and her middle son has stomach pain. Due to being paralyzed, her sister can never really leave the house.

Personal goals:

  • She wants to open her own business, where she can sew clothes to sell on the market.

What she needs:

  • Money to pay for her kids education, so the college fee which is 3.400.000 TZS ($1360) a year and the primary school which costs 10.000 TZS for food ($4), 10.000 TZS for the tuition, 56.000 TZS for the uniform ($22) and around 9.000 TZS ($3,6) for the stationary per semester.

  • Money for medical care, which would include a wheelchair for her sister, asthma medication and an ultrasound and treatment for her sons stomach pain

  • Money for food, electricity and water

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Name: Philimina Joseph 

Age: 27

Address: Mianyini

Background:  Philimina has 3 kids; Bryson (7),  Shedrach (4), Michelle (8 months). The kids have different fathers who all left after she gave birth. Both Shedrach and Bryson go to school, but only Bryson has a uniform and they both don’t have money for lunches. 

Work: Philimina used to work as a cleaner, but is jobless at the moment due to having to care for her children.

Living situation: Rent is 40.000 TZS ($16.60) per month, but she can’t afford it, she’s 3 months behind. Her landlord sometimes help out with rent and food but some days she cannot provide a single meal. 

Health issues: Her and her kids have a skin allergy that is painful and itchy. She went to the doctor, but was told she needs special care which she cannot afford. 

Personal goals: 

  • Wants to learn how to tailor to start a small business.

What she needs:

  • Capital to start the business.

  • Money for food, rent and medical bills.

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Name: Neema Crando

Age: 21

Address: Mianyeni

Background: Neema lives with a friend. She orginally lived with her parents in a Masai village but moved to Mianyeni to go to college. She can't afford to continue school at the moment and has no job for income. She also has a child, Lemaya (8) who lives with her parents. 

Living situations: 

  • Rent: 50.000 TZS ($20.76) per month at the hostel. She has no money for rent at the moment. She is asking around for money to pay the rent.

Health: She has itchy eyes. She has this since she was young. She tried natural medicine from the Masaai, but it didn’t work.

Personal goals: She wants to continue with college and become a teacher.

What she needs: 

  • Money for rent.

  • Money for college.

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Name: Theresia Jafet

Age: 18

Address: Tupedane

Background: Theresia lives with Rosaline, the founder of Tupendane. She took her in when she was 15 because her own parents were unable to provide for her. Theresia had never been to school and could not even write her own name when Rosaline took her in.

Living situation: She is living with Rosaline so doesn't know how much rent is.

Health: No health issues.

Personal goals:  She wants to learn tailoring to start her own small business.

What she needs:

Capital for business to start tailoring 

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Name: Sara Joseph Molld

Age: 28

Address: Sakina

Background: Sara lives with her husband (32) who is a welder. She has 2 children, Alvin Daniel Ulomi (8) and Allen Daniel (4). Alvin is at Government school but does not have uniform or lunch. The school costs 100.000 TZS ($41.51) a year which she struggles to afford. Allen is at the daycare at Tupendane. This costs 50.000 TZS ($20.76) with an added 15.000 TZS ($6.23) for breakfast

Living situation: She is jobless and can provide two meals a day. She gets water from the well at Tupendane. Her husband's job brings inconsistent income.

Health issues: Sara needs an operation on right eye which is too expensive for her. For now she wears sunglasses to reduce the amount of sunlight in her eye. 

Personal goals: To learn tailoring to set up her small business and to be able to resell clothes. 

What she needs:

  • Money for uniform and education.

  • Money to keep child in daycare.

  • Money for rent and health care.

  • Capital for business

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Name: Elizabeth Cosmas Mushy

Age: 47

Address: Mianzini

Background: Elizabeth is a single mother with three children. Bitres Vitars (24), Clinton (21) and Denis (6). Bitres is in university which has been paid for one year. Clinton has to wait to go to university as there is no money. Denis is in class one but does not have a school uniform or lunch. 

Living situation: Elizabeth has no job. When she can she cleans people's clothes which earns her 2.000 TZS ($0.83) a day but this is not a consistent income. Her rent costs 50.000 TZS ($20.76) a month with an extra 15.000 TZS ($6.23) for electricity and water. She is behind on paying rent at the moment which leaves her at risk of homelessness.

Health problems: Elizabeth would like plastic surgery for her nose. She was unfortunately in an abusive relationship with her ex-husband, who bit her nose. It is painful for her in the colder months, so a doctor advised her to get surgery. But she cannot afford this as it would be 1.000.000 TZS ($415.11). 

Personal goals: She would like to learn tailoring for her small business. 

What she needs:

  • Money for rent and for her surgery.

  • Capital to start her business.

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Name: Scolastica

Age: 40

Address: Sanawari

Background: She is a single mother of two children. Her daughter Glory is 21 years old and in college, studying community development, her education is being paid for by Scolasticas cousin. Her son Samuel is 19 years old and has finished secondary school last year, he was supposed to go to college but the family could not afford his studies. The husband left the family around 10 years ago and has not contributed in raising or financially supporting the children.

Living situation: One Meal a day for all three of them. They rented a singular room for the three of them. They have to buy their water in buckets.

Work: She does not have a permanent job, but does laundry, cleans and fetches water for other people to generate a small income, that is very unreliable.

Health situation:  No health problems.

Personal Goals: She wants to improve her English at TAF and then get a job as a cleaner at a big hotel or company.

What she needs:

  • Financial support to pay for rent, which is 40.000 TZS ($16), electricity, which is 5000 TZS ($2) and the education of her son, so she can continue to come to Tupendane.

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Name: Evaline

Age: 35

Address: Ilkiurei

Background: She is married to a tour guide and they have three kids together. Her eldest son is named Evan and is eleven years old, he goes to primary school. Her second child died in 2016 at the age of two, due to having multiple diseases, including Malaria and Typhoid. Her third child, Vivian, is two years old and goes to Tupendane day care, which does not cost the family anything.  

Living Situation: The family rents two small rooms, which costs them 80.000 TZS ($32) in rent a month. The electricity and water both costs about 5.000 TZS ($2) each per month. They are able to eat three meals per day.

Work: She helps in the day care at Tupendane, but does not earn a lot from it.

Health Issues: Nobody has any health problems in her family

Personal Goals: She wants to open her own day care and take care of the kids in the neighbourhood.

What does she need: Start Capital to open a Day care, which would be around 3.000.000 TZS ($1200). Budget to pay for school for Evan (which costs 100.000 TZS [$40] yearly) and for Vivian as well in the future.

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Name: Nance

Age: 17

Address: Mianzini

Background: She lives with both her parents, her father is a motorcycle driver and her mother fetches water for other people, which is very unreliable work. Her eldest sister, Maria, finished her education, including college, to become a tour guide but was not able to find work. She has one older brother named Godfrey, who is 21, he had begun studying to become a teacher but had to quit after the family ran out of money. He still managed to move out and rent his own room. His twin sister, Domina, did not earn enough credit in secondary school to be able to apply to university. She has a one-year-old daughter, Karen, that the whole family takes care of. Nances youngest sister, Leonila is eight years old and in primary school. Nance finished secondary school with good grades and was supposed to go to college and study teaching, but it was not possible due to lack of financial funding.

Living Situation: The family lives in two small rooms with seven people, the rent costs 80.000 TZS ($32) per month. They can only afford two meals a day for the family.

Work: She does not work, but comes to Tupendane every day to improve her English in the hopes of saving enough money one day to continue her education and go to college.

Health Issues: She has had tooth pain for almost her whole life, but can’t afford to go to the doctor.

Personal Goals: She would like to become a history teacher.

What does she need: Money for college (around 1.000.000 TZS per year [$400]), medical assistance for her teeth, the family requires money for food and just general cost of living. Her brother would like to finish his studies and her youngest sister needs money for primary school (100.000 TZS [$40] yearly).

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