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What does each program include ?


The home visit program allows for us to give help to those that are unable to come to
Tupendane due to financia
l or domestic reasons. At TAF we are inclusive of everyone, including individuals who are sick or disabled and need extra care.

Target: The target for our home visits is those that are sick, disabled, or living in extreme
poverty to provide emotional and physical relief.

Aims\Objectives: Our aim is to provide support to anyone who is struggling to care for
themselves and their family. Many have experienced domestic hardships of abandonment, physical and emotional abuse, or health conditions that impede their ability to secure employment resulting in them being unable to provide the bare necessities in life. 

How will we operate?
We will find individuals who qualify (sick, disabled and living in poverty) and visit their
home. We will sit and talk with them, if they are fit to do so, to find out the specific help they need.
 We will then use this information to build a profile database of each person and provide them with the necessary food packages, medicines, access to health care such as appointments and check ups, the database is essential so we are able to complete follow up visits and assess the level of progress of each individual.

Financial struggles are our most challenging, to successfully deliver the home visits and support to families we need funding to purchase commodities such as food and medicines as well as the personal care to provide emotional relief. Transportation is a further element that needs funding as volunteers need to get to and from home visits which can vary in distances with some being located miles away from Tupendane. 


At TAF we offer vocational classes to help women gain the means for building a business of
their own. We want to empower them to become financially independent to be able to
support themselves and their families.
 All the products made by the women are later sold by them and the profits used for necessities.

The vocational classes include;
- Beading: The women will have the opportunit
y to learn how to bead bracelets and
necklaces in various patterns varying in difficulty.
- Tailoring: The women will be able to learn how to sew laptop bags, clothes,
handbags and wallets. 
- Cooking: The women are given the opportunity to learn how to cook different bites
such as cakes, samosa and others.

How will we operate?
Each woman that joins TAF will be asked what they wish to learn from our choice of
vocational classes. These classes are done from 11am-1pm.

We are currently struggling with a lack of materials and resources for the vocational classes;
- For the beading classes we need more materials such as thread, string, beads and
beading boards.

- For the tailoring classes we currently only have two sewing machines, therefore it is
not yet classified as a class. We aim to buy 15 more machines so that more people
can be included in this class. We also need more materials such as fabric and thread.
- For cooking we need more ingredients to be able to make the bites.
Additionally, we need to build a new kitchen that meets Government standards.


The day care at TAF is available for the children of the mothers using the organization as
well as for parents who cannot afford schooling. We believe it is important for all children to
have access to a learning environment from a young age, the daycare also allows the mothers time to pursue employment opportunities.

Aims\Objectives: Our aim is to provide care for all children so that they will have a good
starting point in life. We do this by providing a day care for children ages 2-5 where they will
be given English lessons through fun games and songs.

How will we operate?
The day care opens from 7am and goes on till 5pm. The children will receive porridge in the
morning and continue with English lessons throughout the day. They will also be able to
take a nap in the afternoon as a break.

For the day care to run smoothly and effectively we will need more funding to be able to
provide lunches, teachers, learning materials, classroom equipment, beds, and toys. In the
future we will also require a printer so that we are able to print out workbooks and
examination papers.



TAF also offers business training for those that are interested in building their own
business. The business training will teach the women how to start up a new business and
how to manage and maintain it.

Aims \Objectives: Our aim is to give women the opportunity to establish their own business
and become financially independent. 

How will we operate?
Business training will be done one day a week from 9-11am. We will be teaching how to create business plans, strategy, and
 management to achieve sustainable and efficiently run businesses for women.


Funding is our primary challenge in business training as we are unable to afford the fund that provide the women with the certificate that allows them to legally sell products as well as the technological materials to submit necessary documents. 

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