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We invite you to read about our programs and project that we are currently working on and what we hope to achieve in the near future.


The purposes of this organization is to provide lessons and information that promote equality for both men and women as well as disadvantaged groups, including the blind, crippled, deaf, and people with albinism in all stages of their development. We aim to offer support both individually and collectively as we understand the importance of subjectivity between people's difficulties as well as the impact that group sharing can have in creating empowerment through strong support networks and sounding boards.

Vocational class

This project consists in the teaching of life skill classes such as beading, tailoring, and cooking.

Day care service

We have opened a daycare to educate children between the ages of 2 to 6 who are unable to afford schooling.

Business training

This project consists of several business classes and training, including general knowledge, financial and management skills.

English program

We will be providing classes of the english language for women, as well as youth and children.

Sponsorship program

The sponsorship program is tied to supporting children in education, where we hope to be able to connect sponsors with children in need of funding for school.

Home visits & Outreach

We pay visits to families that are financially challenged to provide support towards education, health, work opportunities and food.

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