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We are the staff here at Tupendane Africa Foundation, and we are happy to be here volunteering but we also struggling to provide for our families. Below is our story and we would appreciate if we receive some help to be able to continue to work with this children's and women's.

Roseline  Mushi 

Roseline is the founder of TAF , and created the foundation because she wanted to support and help women and children's living in difficult situations. The name Tupendande is written in swahili and means " Let's love each other". She choose the name because "  I wanted a name that would inspire other people to help each each other ".

The foundation has been running for a while but it just got their license officially on

January 2023.

What do you hope to achieve?

I would like in the future to have a bigger organization and better school for the kids

What do you need help with ? 

I would love to have more staff and volunteers to help out .

Anything you want to add? 

"Sharing is caring ....Together we can ."


Kelvin Miseri Munuo 

Kelvin is the manager, translator, and sometimes teacher at the TAF. He has been with the foundation since the beginning and has been doing it for free. He joined because he saw Roseline helping the women and understood that she needed more help and asked to join to help take care of the kids and teach.

What do you hope to achieve?

Want to see people get help and succeed with their goals and future. Also, want them to be independent with their own money and business. He also wants to open a bakery to employ these women and other people with no resources to be able to put them in a better life situation.He would love if there was money for meals (lunch)  for the foundation.

" I want to be able to help people with disability, with a difficult life, the children with no rights, and people who can't afford healthcare.

What do you need help with? 

 Be able to have a salary to take care of his family and children and be able to pay for transport

since he lives far.

Anything you want to add? 

Kelvin said, "Helping inside my heart."


Christina Stephano Kiyoyou

Christina is the daycare teacher, and she joined the foundation because she loves teaching kids.

What do you hope to achieve?

"I hope we get funding to support the foundation."

What do you need help with?

She wants to get a salary so she is able to help her parents and give more materials to the kids.

Anything you want to add?

"I would love it if, in the end, the kids could read, write and count. Also, I want to have

more experience and knowledge.

Catherine Ngowi

Catherine has been working with the foundation for a few months now and she does the cleaning and before she also did the cooking , but they had to stop cooking because they didn't have license to cook and sell .Each women at the foundation would need to get the license but it is expensive so they cannot afford it at the moment so they had to shut it down for now.

She joined the foundation because she want tohelp out and also be able to learn form the volunteers and other women.She found out about the foundation through Roseline and also her daughter attends the day care at the foundation.

What do you hope to achieve?

She wants to obtain skills ( english and tailoring)

What do you need help with? 

She needs capital to buy her own sewing machine, so she can tailor and start her own

business.She also makes porridge but need resources to do more.

Anything you want to add?

" I would love to get a salary to be able to continue doing my work and supporting my


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